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Good for the People,
Good for the Planet.
Introducing Warrior Goddess of Sustainable Apparel!

Every Eco Vintage Robe Casual Dress is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. 

Made from 100% recycled polyester (rPET) and using traditional artisan skills .
Our launch goes live on Monday 15th November! Enter your email above to be notified and receive an exclusive discount.
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We Care About How It's Made
100% Recycled Polyester
Ethically sourced high quality rPET which it is just as good as virgin polyester, but takes less resources to make. 
Anti-wrinkle, sustainable, anti-static, breathable.
Supporting and Empowering Women 
We partner with EcoEquitable. A Canadian NonProfit that gives newcomer women the skills to become a master seamstress.
Low Environment Impact
Everything we make is designed from the start to be sent back when it is worn out.
Low Waste
Instead of making waste, we make new products from it.  EcoEquitable teaches women how to take unwanted fabric and create something beautiful. 
How It's Made
Our rPET is produced using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. 

Even though only a small portion of plastic is recycled, that still represents a huge breakthrough in the fashion industry.

Since more and more fashion companies are striving to help the planet, the demand for turning plastic waste into clothes and accessories has become a booming trend. The process is rather simple.

First, the bottles are broken down into small flakes, then those flakes are melted into tiny pellets and then they are melted again, filtered and spun into threads. Later, those threads can be used for a range of textiles, from swimwear, running socks to vintage robe casual dresses.
Our Story
Warrior Goddess began life as a feminist brand making slogan tees, shouting about being authentic, sisterhood, toxic masculinity, women owning their feminine voice and power among others.

The brand was created to celebrate, inspire change, and empower women everywhere ♀️.

The strong identity of the Warrior Goddess brand has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style, which, season after season, shows that softness + fierceness can coexist and still be powerful. A Warrior Goddess looks fragile and feminine but utterly in control. She is a woman that master the fine art of “Female Assertiveness”. The brand’s essence lies in its contrasting features.

Our launch goes live on Monday 15th November! Enter your email above to be notified and receive an exclusive discount.
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